Just woke up this morning and I had received a message from one of the Wolf Pack, asking if I ever struggle with anything..?

Our human tendency is show our good side. We like to show off our achievements and lots of smiley happy photographs in beautiful tropical environments. However, we tend to forget about showing our own struggles, that got us to this point. Me included! There is always struggle involved behind each success! Growth can not occur without some degree of struggle or stress. Falling and getting back up again is part of the growth cycle…


Little bit like going to the gym. You workout a muscle. You stress the body. The body reacts by making that muscle stronger, in case it is subject to the same stress.

Personal mental growth works the same way. If we start to get too comfortable we shrink. ‘The comfort zone is an easy place to be, but nothing ever grows there’. In fact it shrinks.


I’m going to take public speaking as an example as that has been, and is still in part, one of my fears…


I have fallen many times. Talking whilst my voice, in fact my whole body in some circumstances would shake. I have refused to put myself in situations due to fear. I have forgot words, been grilled by the experts you name it.


I’ve also been able to gain job opportunities, win awards as a result and inspire others to find there own purpose in life. Every time you fall is an opportunity to learn and become a better version of yourself. Therefore, they are not failures! You are never a failure you are just…

Work in progress and always will be!

So what do you have to do to make this fear not a fear anymore..?

You have to expose yourself to this stress, in a way that you can handle it and not have a complete melt down. We have to go in search for this situation, not wait for it to come to us. Repetitively. Make it part of our life, so it becomes the new norm.


A lot of my job involves public speaking and guess what I’m really comfortable in the most part with it. However, last year I was asked to go and help Boxing Scotland deliver a course for coaches moving to the highest level of their game. This didn’t feel comfortable. I was nervous. Working alongside national coaches, the monkey mind tries to make excuses. Any excuse! If you don’t know yourself, you believe every thought you have and you decide to take the easy option. Back to the comfort zone it is. Or you find courage. Deep within the pit of your stomach. This is decision time…


I decided to grow. Smashed it and was asked to be involved as a performance coach on a regular basis, until lockdown hit…


Guess why your biggest fear can become your biggest opportunity? Because this is where liberation lies. When you overcome one fear, the illusion in all of your other fears drop and you become limitless…

It’s your decision. Do you stay or do you Grow!


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