In this area are short self-development sessions that allow you to gain wisdom in different areas of your life. You don’t just sit and listen, I will be asking you to pause, reflect and take appropriate action. You can make huge amounts of progress here  


Change is the only constant in life, however sometimes we find it hard to adapt and as a result suffer. What causes the suffering and how can we find a way to adapt and grow?


In this mini workshop we will start to look towards our own personal vision. First we will take a look at our current life balance and discover how it may be holding us back from the life we want to create for ourselves. Then we establish clear goals to drive our motivation & purpose…


At some point in your life you are going to reach the point of internal combustion that is burnout. This can occur physically or mentally. Learn how to catch it early and maximise the stress-adaptation effect to enhance your life…


How do you speak to yourself? Maybe you’re tough on yourself. The reality is we should speak to ourselves how we would speak to others. In this session I will help you to understand where your negative chains of thought come from, the values that drive you and I will teach you how to create affirmations that help build you up rather than push you down


When did our lives get so busy! So busy that we can’t find the time for ourselves. It’s hard to be mindful with a… FULL mind. Use your time wisely and you will start to find that you have more than you thought