Minimal space required, minimal time to set up, maximum effects on the body! 

This is such a useful bit of kit if you want to improve strength through any area of the body. There are multiple exercises that you can perform, that will see muscular strength & tone sky rocket!

Create resistance through your bodyweight alone, so you don’t have the stress of joining a gym or lugging around huge weights. The founder of Lone Wolf Vision Stephen, uses this when he solo travels as it is light weight, mobile & he can set it up pretty much anywhere…

Who is the Lone Wolf Mobile Trainer used by?

  • People that want to train from home or work
  • People that travel a lot but want to keep in shape
  • People that practice yoga to create muscular balance through pulling actions
  • People that can’t afford a home gym
  • People that want to grow muscle mass or improve muscle tone
  • People that want to compliment running with strength & conditioning

Perfect Compliment to Yoga

The perfect compliment to yoga. One of the only movements that is hard to train in yoga is the action of pulling. The Lone Wolf Mobile Trainer can target this plus every other movement you can think of. This is a seriously good bit of kit!