66 MILES | 25,000+ ft ASCENT | 42 SUMMITS

After breaking the Weardale Way Record in 2022 Stephen raised the bar by taking on the iconic lakes fell running challenge of the Bob Graham Round (Link for more info). This epic route takes in 42 peaks in the Lake District, 25,000+ feet of ascent and 66 Miles of running, all to be completed within 24 hours! After 7 months of specific training that saw Stephen visiting the lakes every other weekend he set off on the 17th June at 3am aiming for a time of 18 hours. The route had 5 legs, all of which he had a runner on to support him along the way/witness each peak, before they dropped off and allowed the next to join in the fun. After a solid day Stephen came running into Keswick, up the steps at moot hall & hit the doors with a time of 17 hours 30 minutes, placing himself within the top 30 quickest times ever. Not bad for a 1st year fell running. Watch this space!



Ten people of varying ages and abilities had the vision to join one of ‘the best experiences of their lives’, which was a statement echoed by all of the retreaters. An exclusive collaboration with Cassa Guilla (Fox House) nestled in the mountains of the Spanish Pyrenees. After driving through canyons & heading up into the mountains we were met with the most spectacular of full moons. That just set the tone for what was to come. Nature really put on a show for us all, with many of the yoga/meditation sessions happening above spectacular cloud inversions and evenings bringing broken spectres & distant lightening shows! We hiked through the pyrenees, gazed at the stars with a astrologist showing us distant galaxies & created an unbelievable group bond that will go beyond the Elements Retreat. It was such a special experience we are releasing dates for two separate dates there next year! 



As the vision starts to spread through the North East Stephens motivational speaking career has seen him reach out to multiple population groups. In recent times it has seen him speak openly and honestly about his life being questioned by a counsellor in front of an audience, teaching Durham police force effective ways of dealing with stress, junior doctors meditation to retain balance and teaching kids the importance of expanding their boundaries to live the life they desire. 



We are always looking to improve the overall meditation experience for our pack members and one of our current key focusses is developing beautifully crafted, high quality meditation tools. Our number 1 target is a meditation pillow. You will be able to choose from our two main core colours Space Black & Tibetan Orange. They are already here and nearly ready to be offered out to everyone.